Albion In Uttoxeter

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  • To ensure effective delivery of existing and new programmes and high quality across all areas
  • To support all Uttoxeter staff and help them develop professionally
  • To ensure effective use of the Uttoxeter Hub and develop partnerships with stakeholder’s
  • To raise the profile of BACT and utilising the AIU brand

Albion In Uttoxeter have two full time staff and casual and volunteers working across the BACT programmes. They hold the principles of INSPIRE ENGAGE AND EDUCATE and are a gateway for the trusts departments to provide effective programmes.

There are currently weekly sessions in the Uttoxeter area, with approximately 600 participants. Sessions include: – Schools, Gifted and Talented, Health and Inclusion, NCS, Football Development, FFD and Holiday Camps.

Contact: Helen Fryer

Tel: 07791139964