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Fit Fans weigh in with Community Trust

Brewers Fans and residents of East Staffordshire and South Derbyshire are being encouraged to join Burton Albion Community Trusts #FitFan programme and find out what it takes to train like a champion.


A workout like no other based at the Pirelli Stadium using the club’s facilities and equipment which helped the current League 2 Champions get Fitter Faster Stronger for last season and this season. Every Monday night from 6-7pm MALE #FitFans can join Jack Sharkey the current 1st team sports scientist as he puts each participant through there paces and pushes them on to there next goal.


Not to show the men up it’s the turn of the LADIES every Wednesday night from 6-7pm led by local trainer and enthusiast Jane McMullen who ensures that fun and fitness work together for our female #FitFans.


For both sessions the first session is FREE of charge after that it is £4 per session, fans can turn up without booking and should report to the main entrance of Burton Albion Football Club for 5.50pm with a drink and suitable clothing.


Come and join our new Inspire sessions, as an added incentive for a Fans joining or involved in the program every 10 weeks there will be an Inspire session this will involve setting goals and creating realistic achievable targets . At each Inspire session we will celebrate achievements such as weight lost and body weight maintained depending on individual goals. The first Inspire session will take place the week commencing the 7th August, with the second 10 weeks later.


Jack Sharkey Burton Albion Football Club first team sports scientist said “#FitFans is a great opportunity for fans and residents to join me or Jane in an inspirational setting to achieve your goals, pushing and challenging your limits.”


“We use various techniques and exercises during the sessions, all in all there’s something to suit every ability level and every one works to there limit.”


To find out more information about #FitFans or any other Health Programs at Burton Albion Community Trust please contact John Widdowson on or 01283 565938