National Citizen Service

National Citizen Service (NCS) is a way for 16 and 17 year olds to make extraordinary friendships, learn the skills they don’t teach you in class and create unforgettable memories. NCS aims to grow confidence, make your UCAS application stand out, make new friends, develop the skills that employers want and help create that killer CV.

NCS takes place outside of term time in spring, summer and autumn – each one is a little different but equally amazing. Over the summer NCS is 4 weeks long and in your first week (Phase 1) you’ll live with your team at an outdoor activity centre, getting to know each other and experiencing the freedom of being away from home with new friends. You’ll get the chance to take part in adrenaline-fuelled activities with your team mates like rock climbing, canoeing, hiking and archery.

During your second week (Phase 2) you will be reunited with your group and live away from home again but will really start to learn some huge life skills that make for a killer CV. You can often find yourself meeting organisations and important people from your local community, whilst learning about the issues facing them, as well as developing new personal skills (teamwork, leadership and communication). Previous activities during this week have seen workshops with the local Fire Service and Police, a Barclays Money Skills day and Geocaching.

Team WorkIt’s during weeks 3 and 4 (Phase 3) where you get the chance to put all the skills and experiences you’ve learnt into practice as a team agreeing on a social action project that will really make a mark on your local community. We believe that you and your team have the power to change the community around you given the respect, tools and opportunities to do so. This is your chance to be part of something amazing – plan your own project, fundraise for it and make it happen!

Finally, following these 4 weeks of fun everybody will come together to have a graduation (Phase 4). At the end of each programme we’ll throw you a big party to celebrate everything you’ve achieved. Not only will you be a completely different person, but you’ll have made a huge network of amazing friends for life and done something truly inspirational in your community.

Our programme has seen huge success over recent time with over 110 graduates from our programmes in 2015. This number will rise to over 200 in 2016 with increased demand every year so don’t miss out as places go quickly!!! If you have any questions or wish to sign up and start your NCS journey please contact Gemma Lanchester on 07753455722 or