Physical Activity

Physical Activity Statement

The health and wellbeing of all Burton Albion Community Trust staff is of paramount importance and our organisation strives to create an environment in which staff members feel valued and supported to maintain good health and wellbeing as part of an effective work-life balance. Burton Albion Community Trust understands the numerous benefits associated with physical activity and as such we aim to break down barriers to participation, provide support and encourage all employees to be active both during and outside the working day.

We respect the right of all staff to make free choices on whether they wish to engage in physical activity and recognise that every individual has different capabilities. Any workplace initiatives and activities will be entirely optional. Those who do not wish to engage in physical activity or are unable to do so, during or outside the working day, will not be criticised or disadvantaged in any way and no punitive action will ever be taken on these grounds.

The Workout: Gym 

We have a great partnership with The Workout Gym in Wetmore Road who allow Burton Albion Community Trust staff to use the gym FREE of charge.

To access this facility staff must have their BACT ID and ideally wear their BACT uniform on entry, you must also sign in when you use the facility.