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STUDENTS from Paulet High School and The Pingle Academy have spent two days with Burton Albion Community Trust (BACT) learning about business and enterprise, with guest workshops being delivered by industry experts from Pladis.

As part of the experience, students developed their own innovative marketing and promotion ideas for both Pladis and Burton Albion, before presenting them back to their peers.

Students from The Pingle Academy focused on Burton Albion FC and how they can expand their merchandise sales, whilst students from Paulet High School developed the idea of a McVitie’s selection box.

Included in the experience were two workshops from industry experts and Pladis staff, Andrew Brooks and Daniel Smith. These workshops gave the student a real insight into career prospects and how large scale international business works.

Andrew Brooks, Supply Chain Support Manager at Pladis, said: “The students showed creativity and initiatives with their ideas and expressed a real desire to understand how a large food manufacturing company operates. We found that having this opportunity to engage and interact with students is always a very rewarding experience.”

Wayne Chadfield, Education and Learning Manager at BACT, said: “This was a great day had by all in attendance and their reports of their experience of the day make for some great reading.”

See below some of the students reports from the day –

Yaz, Olivia, Freya, Madison & Ellie – Paulet High School

“Our school, Paulet High School, was invited to Pirelli Stadium by Burton Albion. The aspect of the two days was to explore our potential within the company development and management region. The objectives of the sessions were to enable the Paulet students, to unlock business qualities that could possibly be required for future careers. These sessions targeted our students more due to our school not offering business development GCSE.

“We have had the opportunity within this event to interact with other schools, exchanging perspectives and expressing different ideas. Furthermore, we have developed our understanding of a vast range of careers available in the foreseeable future, which now we are able to consider.

“The primary session was based on design and marketing our own ideas. We were asked to either create a new football badge for Burton Albion or design a new McVitie’s product.

“In the morning, we were shown around the stadium to inspire those who wanted to create a new badge for Burton Albion. Then for the people who wanted to create a new product for McVitie’s we were inspired by the adverts McVitie’s have posted on YouTube. Our group chose to create a new McVitie’s product ‘Forrest Friends’. We created a power point explaining our product. Out of our school we were chosen as the most creative idea.

“Session 2 was very informative, were we had two PowerPoints showing us the depths of the company McVitie’s. We learnt all about the manufacturing of many snacks. We also had discussions and our many questions answered.

“As a group, we feel that the enterprise has provided us with new opportunities and ideas that we were not aware of primarily the sessions. We have established that McVitie’s are a company affiliated with more than just biscuits and snacks and the manufacturing of them. We now know that it creates multiple jobs in association to include marketing, design and packaging.

“To conclude, we have established the significance of broadcasting and producing advertisements. They can be shown amongst social media, newspapers and radio broadcasts. They can use different platforms to target specific audiences.

“We would like to thank both Burton Albion and McVitie’s for taking the time to educate and inform us of the reality of life outside of school.”

Ellie, Amber & Jess – The Pingle Academy

“During our time spent with the Burton Albion Community Trust we have done workshops and watched presentations that have provided us with information and showed us an idea of how much more goes into a business than expected.

“For our marketing campaign, we decided on the idea of a women’s clothing range for the Burton Albion shop because it will make more money and it shows that women can be involved in football too. We believe that it would make a big impact on everyone because it would show that the football community believes women should get products made to suit a woman like there are for men. We know women could just wear the unisex clothing provided in the shops, but we think that not all women would feel comfortable in this clothing and that having something made especially for women will break the stereotype that men only enjoy football.

“Pladis has taught us about the McVitie’s company and the jobs they have there. We also were taught about the multiple companies that Pladis are involved with and the processes they provide for these companies. These are things such as making, packaging, shipping/delivering and marketing the products. They have also taught us how much it costs to keep the company going , and the profit they aim to make within each year of the company running. They also spoke about the different options for students after they move on from their GCSE’s (and on to further education) that include Pladis and how they can offer jobs in engineering and marketing and a lot of other jobs to start off a future in higher priority jobs.” 

Abby, Nanija, Amelia & Georgia – Paulet High School

“Our first day at Burton Albion was informative and welcoming. They gave us lots of advice about business and varied marketing techniques during our presentations. The day was enjoyable and broadened our knowledge of the work fierce and what goes into the marketing of different product ideas for McVitie’s.

“On this day, we had a workshop where we decided on an idea for the packaging of the McVitie’s classic biscuits. Our idea consisted of a ‘modern twist on the traditional classics’. It included a variety of the nation’s traditional favourites, in a brightly coloured packet. The bright colours and cartoon characters helped in appealing to a young audience, and the flavours helped in appealing to everyone.

“We also had a workshop about marketing and advertising, where we drew a mind map to show the large variety of ways to advertise to the brands consumers. Some of these ideas included: social media, pop-up advertisements, billboards, newspapers, and so on.

“The second day we visited Burton Albion was extremely useful as it contained a lot of information about the real-world life of workers in the Pladis factory and its workers. The representatives gave a lot of information that could help us if we wanted to go into business and helped us realise how much work goes into the factory and how many workers they need to keep it going and productive. Also, we were shown how many opportunities there are in the workplace, that are available to us if needed in the future.

“The first presentation told us about the day in the factory of Pladis, which mainly talked about the process and packaging of the biscuits, and the profits made from the customers, These customers included popular supermarkets such as Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, etc. Then we were shown a video about the production and making of different digestive biscuits, like the plain ones, and chocolate ones. Lastly, we saw a chain of advertisements for Jaffa Cakes and the Digestives.

“The last thing we did on the second day was learning about the jobs and career paths that are open to us in the future, which are all also used in the making of the McVitie’s products. The representative that we had at the time included us in his presentation by asking for ideas from us about the jobs, before explaining them thoroughly. Of course, the best part of our experience was being able to taste the delicious products Pladis (or more specifically, McVitie’s) produced for our consumption. We even got to take some home to share with our friends and family!”