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Professional Football Clubs come together to reach out to more young people

SIX professional Football Clubs from across the Midlands have joined forces to develop a football based programme to ‘Reach Out’ to inactive young people across the Midlands communities.

The community programmes at Aston Villa and West Bromwich Albion from the Premier League , along with the Football League’s Burton Albion, Coventry City, Walsall and Wolverhampton Wanderers have received funding from Sport England’s Innovation fund.

The community programmes will work alongside their local County Sports Partnership to ‘reach out’ to a minimum of 35 young people deemed hard to reach and currently not engaged into regularly Physical activity. This will be delivered in 3 blocks of eight week programmes in the local community’s.

The successful application submitted by Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire County Sports Partnership has been awarded £34k from Sport England. The project aims to use the expertise, experience and brand of the local professional football clubs work in the communities to get more young people playing regular sport.

This unique approach will be the first time this group of clubs from both tiers of the English game have come together in formal capacity to develop a joined up project with local sports development partners. The community programmes who are all registered Charitable Trusts, will also deliver a young leaders programme for identified young people who wish to pursue a career in sport development and coaching. This will take place at St Georges Park and include delivery from some of the best coaches and sports educators from across the region to assist in their future involvement as Community volunteers and hopefully paid staff.

To ensure the partnership approach Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire, Black Country, Staffordshire and Birmingham County Sport Partnerships will aim to support the projects by engaging local networks to sustain the provision and add value through existing as well as future funding streams.

Project Manager Jamie Bunch, from JB Sports Consultancy said “Having been involved in local football development for many years, it’s fantastic we have the Clubs and the local Sports Partnerships working together to deliver a project that provides innovative approaches to engage young people in sport from their local community.

I have no doubt having observed the programmes in action and with the active involvement of the Sports Partnerships, we can build a platform to sustain successful programmes in the respective communities and utilise the strength of the group through joined up expertise and resources.

To find out more information on the Burton Albion Community Trust Reach Out sessions please contact Dan brooks by email danbact@burtonalbionfc.couk or by phone 07946538809.