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BURTON Albion Community Trust (BACT) has now been operating for over 6 years as an organisation and over 5 years as a registered charity, in that time our work has diversified and expanded during a difficult time for the sector and we have redefined our provision as local, regional and national strategies have developed.

As an organisation, we are in the process of producing a new Strategy and Business Plan to take the organisation through to 2020, we feel that this is an ideal time due to recent facility developments and national strategy announcements which impact us directly. We want to ensure when devising this strategy that we have gained feedback from all stakeholders whether they are participants or organisations from the private, public or charitable sector and would like to provide an open invite to complete a Stakeholder Survey by 31st November 2016 (link below).

If you feel it would be beneficial and would like the opportunity one of our team to meet with your organisation to discuss how we can support your priorities over the next 3 years and how we can work in partnership, alternatively please ring or email with any additional feedback to what is within the survey.


Tel: 01283 565938

It is very important for us that we are a charity which supports the local community so this consultation process is paramount in ensuring that we do this over the next few years.

Thank you as always for your support and I hope you gain the time to complete the survey.