PARTICIPANTS of Burton Albion Community Trust’s Active rehabilitation programme are getting ready to take on the upcoming Brewers 10K run.

Linsey and Dave Galley, Karen McElroy, Jayne McDonald, Carolyn Green and friends will be taking on the challenge to raise money for Burton Albion Community Trust. Health & Wellbeing Team Leader Anna Powell shares their journey and their hopes for the run.

“BACT offers Health and Wellbeing services for those recovering and those who are newly diagnosed with cancer in Burton and East Staffordshire. This year, following the successful running of the first BACT 10km last year, where programme participants volunteered at the race – an idea was floated around, this year, that those ready to challenge themselves, rather than volunteered, actually complete the course.

“For just about all of our participants, who work with BACT to engage in appropriate exercise, undertake nutrition guidance and experience improved emotional well-being following a cancer diagnosis, this was a big, lofty goal – but we are just weeks away from getting them to the start line.

“Over the past few months, we have worked harder on our cardiovascular fitness in our physical activity sessions, focussed on some running/walking based strengthening exercises and done some running specific stretching and mobility sessions too. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be walking part of the course in chunks to familiarise ourselves with the route and we are excited to show that world that a cancer diagnosis doesn’t mean we are limited in our capacity by any means.

“In the work that we do, together with the hard work of our participants, we hope to improve cancer survival rates, tolerance to treatments, recovery from surgery and reduce post-surgery complications alongside, perhaps most importantly, improved mental health. With the community feel that has been created within the programme – especially as we have grown closer to the 10k challenge, the positivity that has grown within participants at perhaps a turbulent time of life, has been inspiring. We hope that there will be plenty of supporters on the day cheering on our participants as they complete their challenge.

“I am so proud of the participants of this programme who are so dedicated to maximising their feelings of wellbeing at a time where it would be so easy to find excuses not to. Each and every one of them have seen huge improvements in both their physical and mental health and in turn, their quality of life. I knew when I asked if they wanted to complete the 10k together this year that they have the mindset and the physical capability to do it – they have done the hard work and I’m excited to see them succeed on the day. They are overcoming cancer diagnosis and treatment – a 10k will be a walk in the park.

“If you feel that you may benefit from the programme, or know someone that might, we would be more than happy for you to join us as part of the Active Prehabilitation and Rehabilitation programme to improve your quality of life, find new motivation at a difficult time with a new focus and provide a friendly, knowledgeable and understanding ear. We are passionate about seeing those that we work with return to work, return to challenges like this one or simply a more ‘normal’ way of life.”

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