Extra Time Hub

BACT is one of the 12 Community Trust’s in the country that has been chosen to be part of the Extra time Hubs journey. Working in partnership with the EFL Trust, we have received funding from the National Lottery and from Sport England to try and get people over the age of 55 active and cross the 30 minute per week threshold. The sessions are not just targeting inactive people, active people are also welcome. It is just as important to stay active as it is to get active. By bringing inactive and active people together and suggesting different ideas, we hope to nudge people towards taking part in and maintaining physical activity.

We run weekly sessions aimed at engaging everyone over the age of 55, whether that be with physical activity or different social activities. We provide a fitness class, curling, table tennis and pitch walks. We also run bingo and different quizzes to take part in. Refreshments such as tea, coffee and biscuits are also available but you must remember to bring your own mug. These sessions are great events and are the highlights of our participants week’s.

Please feel free to come along and take a look. Our staff are more than happy to show you what we have to offer.

Burton On Trent

When: Every Wednesday (10am-11.30am)

Where: Vera Goode Suite, Pirelli Stadium, DE13 0AR

Price: £3.50 per session (First session FREE)

Draycott In The Clay

When: Every Tuesday (10am-11.30am)

Where: Draycott in the Clay Village Hall, DE6 5BY

Price: £3.50 per session (First session FREE)


When: Every Wednesday (1pm-3pm)

Where: Uttoxeter Health Community Centre, ST14 7DP

Price: £3.50 per session (First session FREE)

For more information: Call 01283 246207 or email amy.lewis@burtonalbionct.org