BACTive Weight Support

In partnership with Palletforce , our BACTive Weight Support weekly sessions are part of a 12 week, free of charge health programme aimed at those:

  • Requiring weight loss
  • Looking to get fitter and more active to tackle health
  • Growing levels of obesity in the local area

The programme is delivered by qualified personal trainers and nutritionists using evidence based approaches and encouraging a relaxing and group-based environment with people very much like you! We understand the importance of strong support networks on health journeys and will get you on the course to success together. There are various ways in which we measure progress besides just the scales; we also work on relationships with food, busting nutrition myths and providing education on what may be best to eat and how best to move according to your goals.

Every week we will take part in an educational nutrition session all together followed by an exercise programme which can be tailored to be suitable for each and every participant in a fun and seamless way.

We will implement long and short term goal setting, food diary analysis with a nutritionist, individualised weekly challenges and goals as well as group challenges, a real community sense as you go through this journey with like-minded friends and work on your own barriers to success.

Let’s work on a long-term sustainable lifestyle change together rather than quick diet fixes that haven’t worked for you up to now and find an approach that still allows us to have all of the things that you love while living healthily!

When: Every Thursday (Starting 18th May) (6.30pm-8pm)

Where: Burton Albion Community Hub, Casey Lane, DE14 2ER

Age: 18+

Price: FREE

For more information: Call 01283 246207 or email