Premier League Primary Stars

Premier League Primary Stars

Premier League Primary Stars uses the appeal of the Premier League and professional football clubs to inspire children to learn, be active and develop important life skills. 

 In partnership with the Premier League, we deliver fun, inspiring, educational programmes across a range of curricular areas to support pupils and help them to fulfil their potential. See below for an outline of the programme we offer in schools. 

 The Premier League values underpin everything on offer, encouraging children to: 

  • Be ambitious – work hard and never give up on their goals. 
  • Be connected – work well with others and in a team. 
  • Be inspiring – set a great example to others. 
  • Be fair – treat people equally and thing of others.  

 Teachers can also access free resources online at 

Children and families can also access free resources and fun activities to support at home at  


Would your teaching staff like some extra support with their delivery of PE lessons?  Maybe in helping to plan PE lessons to ensure children progress and develop their core PE skills.  Or helping to write learning objectives.  Possibly just developing confidence and knowledge in PE delivery.  Whatever the support they require we can help to bespoke our support to individual teachers and ensure PE standards are raised across the school. 

  • High quality BACT coaches will work with school staff over a half term for each Teacher (6 weeks delivery) – All lead staff have their Level 3 Award in Supporting the Delivery of PE and School Sport  
  • Support from BACT staff before, during and after programme – we will work with school staff to ensure the support meets their needs. 
  • Available for staff working with EYFS, KS1 and KS2 (Teachers, HLTA’s, PE & Sport apprentices) 
  • Teachers knowledge and confidence levels are measured before and after the programme to evidence impact. 
  • The programme is bespoke to individual teachers to ensure that they get the maximum benefit and support where it is needed to help develop their PE delivery.   

PL Reading Stars

Our Reading stars programme is a targeted intervention programme aimed at helping children who are reluctant to engage in reading.  This programme is developed in partnership with the Premier League and the National Literacy Trust and aims to engage and inspire children through the power of sport and football and increase confidence and interest in this vital skill. 

  • The programme can be delivered over a 6 or 10 -week block for each group (max of 12 pupils per group). 
  • Currently available for Y5 and Y6 children  – the programme is designed to engage reluctant readers with the  aim of increasing interest and improve their developing confidence in reading. 
  • A variety of strategies are used to help engage the children – active learning, real examples from the world of football, a variety of reading materials – matchday programmes, newspaper articles etc. 
  • All lead staff have their Level 3 Award in Supporting the Delivery of PE and School Sport.

PL Maths Stars 

Our Maths Stars programme is a numeracy intervention programme which aims to help develop children’s confidence in using key areas of the maths curriculum.  Developed in partnership with the Premier League, the programme uses the power of sport, especially football, to help engage and inspire children who may learn in a more active way and not currently engage in maths lessons. 

  • The programme is delivered over a 6-week block for each group (max of 12 pupils per group)  
  • Currently available for Y2 children to help develop confidence in basic numeracy skills.  The programme is designed to improve children’s enjoyment and confidence in maths. 
  • A variety of active teaching methods are used, along with the stimulus of football/sport to help engage the children.  
  • Areas of the National Curriculum covered include: addition & subtraction, basic multiplication, basic statistics, fractions, measurement and shape.  The programme can be adapted to cover areas that meet the needs of the school and children. 
  • All lead staff have their Level 3 Award in Supporting the Delivery of PE and School Sport


We have a variety of PSHE programmes aimed at enriching children’s understanding of topics that affect them in todays world. 

  • Live Well (KS1): An active programme that introduces key stage 1 children to the elements of a healthy lifestyle in a very practical way. 
  • Values versus violence – Dot Com (Y5/6): A programme that empowers children to make safer choices through the values versus violence programme.  
  • Network Rail Safety Programme (Y5/6): This programme highlights key issues surrounding the dangers of railway lines and ways they can stay safe. 
  • Social Action Projects (Y5/6): designed to empower and engage children who have the desire to  make a real difference in their school community.  This programme is bespoke to the school and children and supports their passion for making a change. 
  • Wellbeing Programme (Y5/6): This programme is targeted at children who need extra support surrounding their wellbeing., topics covered include: physical health, routine, resilience,  recognising emotion and strategies to deal with them, mindfulness, relaxation, looking after yourself.  This programme can be made bespoke to the needs of individual children to cover areas that they most need support. 

 All PSHE programmes are delivered over a 6 week block.  

Pupils engagement and level of understanding is measured before and after programme to evidence impact. 

All lead staff have their Level 3 Award in Supporting the Delivery of PE and School Sport. 

Additional Opportunities

Working with partner organisations BACT staff can come into schools to promote key messages.  These can be delivered in assemblies, workshops (1 hour), or half day sessions. 

These sessions are aimed at increasing knowledge and understanding around a particular issue or topic. They will also help to inspire children to make positive choices around these topic areas.  

Topics these can include are: Anti-Bullying, Wellness, Kick It Out, Black History Month, Safer Internet campaigns, Mental Health awareness, World Book Day, Literacy/Numeracy, Inclusiveness, No Room For Racism etc (other topics covered on request and with prior discussion) 

These can be delivered with whole classes or targeted at specific groups of children where the need is required.

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